5 tips on how to stop the “Mom Guilt”

mom guilty

You work full time, come home, and still have time to go to the gym 5 days a week? You don’t need that much time to yourself. How about your kids, don’t you feel guilty? ~ One Jealous person.

Do you ever get caught up on others opinions? you put certain people on a pedestal, and how dare you if you ever disappoint them. Often, there will be dirty looks from said others, and lots of shameful bashing. Which in turn, it will leave you with the famous “Mom Guilt”.

To be honest with you, I have walked on egg shells most my life.It sucked! I’m a nice person by nature, a people pleaser. I would rather agree with the person than get into an argument. Well that was the old me, I closed that old chapter a little while ago!

5 tips on how to stop the mom guilt: 

  1. Stop worrying about others opinions
  2. Work on a routine. Stick to it
  3. Set goals. Work on those goals
  4. Do what makes you feel happy
  5. It is OKAY to have alone time!

Doing what makes you happy is a big one for me. I was used to doing what made other people happy. When I switched my perspective I was shocked to find out that ” If mommy is happy and rejuvenated, everyone else is happy”  crazy right?

Set up a routine that works best for you and your kiddos, with me being a single mom that works full time. It gets a little tricky. I have 7 days of the week to get to the gym. I get home every night. Make a quick dinner or give the kids a snack, then off to gym we go or “the V” as my son calls it. Once they are in daycare, I have about 90 minutes to get my workout done. They love the gyms daycare. So it is a win-win. They leave hyper/happy and so does mom. Now, I would like to believe that every week is the same. Unfortunately it isn’t. But guess what? as long as I’m trying every week I’m good.

I love my kiddos with all my heart! They are my everything. With that said, they are crazy little monkeys that sometimes drive me nuts. On those days you will find me hiding in the closet having a “cheat treat” aka CHOCOLATE. Because we all know that chocolate is the best medicine right?

Here is where the tricky part comes in, chocolate has a lot of sugar and keeps me from reaching my goals. So this momma goes to the gym instead and pumps some iron. Working out = endorphins. Endorphins = happy mom!

So my advice to you is: Go have some alone time! Even it if is a 10 minute chocolate break in your closet! You will thank me later. Also, don’t worry too much about what people have to say. If someone ever makes you feel guilty for being a mom and not being with your kiddos, then that person shouldn’t be your friend anyways.

Once again: Don’t fee GUILTY for taking time for yourself!

So tell me this, do you ever take some alone time?

Have a happy & healthy day!




  1. Alone time is my favorite! I get it during nap time on days when I’m home all day, but I’m still trying to find time for it on the days when I work 😛


    1. oliveirafitness · · Reply

      I love Nap time too! So nice! and yeah it is hard to find the time when you work! thank you for coming by 🙂


  2. mbennettut · · Reply

    Great read, it also applies to dad’s… Believe it or not we feel guilty for not spending enough quality time with our kids. Thanks for the share.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oliveirafitness · · Reply

      You are so right! It for sure applies to dad’s as well! Thanks for reading!


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